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Contact details

Dr. Palaniappan Ramaswamy 
Reader, School of Computing
University of Kent
Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4AG, UK

E: palani AT iee. org; r.palani AT 


Citation count (from Google scholar):

  • Citations: 3946

  • h-index: 33

  • i-10 index: 75

  • g-index: 43


Palaniappan Ramaswamy

Welcome to my site where you will find information about my research and teaching.

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Brain password

Music BCI for the locked-in patient study


Print articles


Online articles


Brain wave biometric

  • D. Voth, “In the news: These computers know what you are thinking,” IEEE Intelligent Systems Magazine, pp.3-6, vol.21, issue 5, 2006.
  • A. Ahuja, “Think about it, this will make turning on your computer much simpler,” Science Notebook Column, The Times, pp.21, 22 May 2006.

Publications with expert advice given

  • Aasha Bodhani, “Bodies of evidence,” Engineering and Technology Magazine, pp. 78-81, September 2013.
  • Catherine de Lange, “Car braking system taps directly into the brain,”, 1 August 2011.
  • Jessica Griggs, “Robotic wheelchair controlled by thought alone,”, 2 May 2009.
  • Tom Simonite, “Thinking of words can guide your wheelchair,”, 6 September 2007.
  • Lisa Bendall, “The secret biometric,” OWL Magazine, May 2014.